Relocating to Arizona – Maybe Chandler, Tempe, Bullhead?

So, you’re thinking of transferring to Phoenix (or one of our numerous cities in the metro-Phoenix area)? Congratulations! Arizona is among the most effective states to reside in the nation, as well as Phoenix metro really does have everything.

1. It’s warm. Yes, it’s a completely dry warm, which suggests we have very low humidity. If you’re removaling here from the midwest, or the south, you’ll be so amazed regarding the difference in between a high-humidity state as well as Arizona. Even when it’s 110 degrees in Phoenix, you’ll locate yourself commonly considering why it’s far better compared to a 90 degree day in Atlanta with 90% humidity. During a lot of the year, consisting of the majority of the summer, our humidity is typically about 10%.

The very best component regarding Phoenix az is our winter months weather condition. From early November, till at least mid-May it is the nicest you’ll ever picture. You’ll rarely require a coat, and if shorts and also t-shirt are your thing, you’ll go to residence here in the desert. Pertain to Phoenix metro for the lovely winter months weather, as well as you’ll never ever leave.

2. It’s remarkable not needing to change your clocks for daylight financial savings time. We have our own time zone!

3. During the winter season, you could drive north for 2 hrs and also play in the snow and also go ski all the time. After that, in the mid-day drive to Scottsdale as well as go play golf. Unlike various other states, we have a diverse environment as well as Arizona isn’t just all desert. We have some of the greatest forests worldwide.

If you’re passing away to see the ocean, you can drive 6 hours to San Diego, or 7-8 hrs to L.A.

Arizona has amazing outdoor camping destinations as well, and in just a 2 hour drive you can be up on the Mogollon Rim at a stunning campground bordered by tall pine trees and also grasslands. Simply look for Payson or Greer on the map, as well as go!

4. The metro area is absolutely big, as well as to take a trip from Chandler to Surprise, or North Scottsdale to Phoenix can take you over an hour of driving. However, for many places you should go it will just take about HALF AN HOUR to obtain there. In fact, it’s a reoccuring joke in Phoenix az that you could obtain basically anywhere … in 30 minutes.

I live in Scottsdale, and also I can be to downtown Chandler or Mesa in 30 minutes. Or, I can be downtown in Phoenix az in 30 minutes. Certainly, there are exemptions … for example during heavy traffic at 7 am, however, for one of the most part it takes HALF AN HOUR to obtain practically anywhere. In Phoenix, you’ll wish to pay attention to where you choose to live. I’ll compose a lot more on this later on.

5. The monsoon season isn’t really as bad as people say. It’s not that negative, really! In fact, you’ll start to anticipate it because of exactly how occasionally it rainfalls right here in the valley of the sunlight. By the time the downpour period starts, around Freedom Day, we’ve all had sufficient of the heat and also some rain is a welcome distraction.

Is moisture a problem during the monsoon? Not really, it could rise to 60% moisture with temperature levels of 105 or more during the day throughout the monsoon. Yet, it will typically rain at the same time, which cools the temperature level. The gale season lasts regarding 3 months (July, August, September) and also it’s never as warm and also damp as the eastern coast.


So, why relocate to Arizona?

From the varied climate, to a broad landscape as well as massive skies … to a thriving city Phoenix metro company environment. We have a massive tech sector in Phoenix.

Arizona makes an exceptional base for exploration of the southwest! There’s an elevation variety of over 12,500 feet in Arizona, beautiful ponderosa ache woodlands (the greatest on the planet), and also Flagstaff standards over 100 inches of snow annually! Great for winter sports.

There are greater than 100 lakes in Arizona, consisting of Tempe Town Lake, Pleasant, Mead, Havasu, as well as Powell.

If you enjoy sports, we have you covered! From the Phoenix Suns (basketball), to the Arizona Cardinals (football), to the Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball), and the Phoenix metro Coyotes (ice hockey).

Not just that, but we have a definitely thriving food community in Arizona. There are new restaurants opening virtually daily in Phoenix az, as well as a booming food vehicle service– by some accounts, over 50 stroll the city!

Arizona also boasts a successful coffee scene that is just one of the very best in the country, with essentially lots of independent third-wave coffee roasters as well as coffee bar.

On top of all of that, you can get a fantastic secondary-education below in Arizona. Choose between Arizona State College, Thunderbird School of Global Administration, Northern Arizona College, as well as College of Arizona, amongst several others.